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Smoke / Drink: yes we've been known to do body shots 😉
Welcome to my corner of the world, you horny small bangers! I like things to progress in a natural way, I'm not an actress (not a good one anyway) and I have feelings too. I am not a puppet or a robot that just takes coins to operate. What happens in our private time really depends on the connection we establish. If you have a special request please ask. I look forward to our unforgettable time together! If its fun I'm down! Lots of toys!
I am only 5 feet tall and thicker than a snicker. 34 B is my breast size. A few things I am obsessed with include but are not limited to, Coffee, rainbow glitter, elephants and, anything BDSM. Ask me about my kinks in a private message. I am here to discover and experience sensuality and satisfy my banginguality in your company.
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